Ark Trailer Light Board with Interchangeable Plug System

A range of innovative trailer light boards manufactured from white rigid PVC extrusion and fitted with ADR approved lights. Supplied pre-wired with two brake lights, two tail lights, indicators and left or right hand number plate lights. The board, available in either 1.5 metre or 1.85 metre lengths, include eight metres of electrical wire with an innovative moulded universal socket receptor designed to accept the three interchangeable plugs supplied. Simply choose the appropriate plug to suit the vehicle socket and click it onto the cable receptor. This innovative solution is designed to reduce stock holding and floor space required to display light boards. Each board Features built-in light reflectors and bushed 12.5mm mount holes. 

Key Features

  • New interchangeable plug design
  • Each board supplied with all three typical styles of trailer plugs
  • Includes eight metres of cable with moulded universal plug receptor
  • Simple connection allows for the plug end to be easily changed