TruDesign T-Piece Connector – Universal Manifold

A versatile building-block, the TruDesign T-Piece Connector functions not only as a T-Piece but also as an expandable manifold. The TruDesign T-Piece Connector Features two 1 1/2″ female parallel threads and one 1 1/2″ male parallel thread allowing manifolds to be created simply by joining two or more parts together. This allows users to channel multiple drains to one Ball Valve-Skin Fitting thru-hull outlet, eliminating the need for additional thru-hull fittings. The TruDesign T-Piece Connector is commonly used in glycol/ antifreeze flush-through systems when preparing for winterization, or, in fresh water engine flush systems. By adding a plug to the female end, the T-Piece Connector can function as an inspection port for looking through to, or clearing the internals of a Ball Valve.