HELLA HypaLUME LED Flood Light

A quantum technology leap for commercial vessels, HypaLUME is Hella marine’s most powerful floodlight.

Key Features

  • High Performance 
  • Engineered reliability 
  • Proven durable materials 
  • Benchmark working light colour 
  • Secure installation 
  • Reliable in extreme conditions 

 High Performance
The new range of HypaLUMEs have been designed for applications where high output lighting in extreme environments are required. These lamps can produce a net output of up to 28,000 lumens whilst consuming less than 300W. 

Engineered reliability
Comprehensive sealing and anti-corrosion measures have been taken to ensure the lamps with stand the toughest conditions. The premium aluminium housing is corrosion resistant with a nonstick and easy to clean surface coating. 

Proven durable materials
Heavy duty Grilamid® lens offers unbeatable toughness against impacts and vibration while providing long term UV stability and resistance to commonly used chemicals for the life of the product. 

Benchmark working light colour
The wide reaching beam pattern offers crisp white ‘close to daylight’ 5700 K colour temperature. Working under this colour of light reduces the fatigue and eye strain sometimes caused by warmer colour halogen lighting. 

Secure installation
The ultra heavy duty 316 stainless steel bracket firmly grips the HypaLUME to withstand harsh vibration and impact while also providing easy vertical angle adjustment of up to 140°. 

Reliable in extreme conditions
The HypaLUMEs are designed to operate over an extreme temperature range from -40°C to +50°C. The advanced thermal management draws heat away from the LEDs to maintain the extended life guarantee offered by HELLA’s class leading 5 year warranty.

Part Numbers

110/230V AC LED Flood Light - Close Range: 1GJ 958 334-011 

110/230V AC LED Flood Light - Long Range: 1GJ 958 334-021 

110/230V AC LED Flood Light - Extra Wide: 1GJ 958 334-031 

24/48V DC LED Flood Light - Close Range: 1GJ 011 872-501 

24/48V DC LED Flood Light - Long Range: 1GJ 011 872-511 

24/48V DC LED Flood Light - Extra Wide: 1GJ 011 872-521