Top Mount Controls – KB Series

Single Function Control

A compact and durable top mount control with modern design and functional characteristics. Suitable for inboards with hydraulic gearboxes, outboards and stern drives. 

Key Features

  • Single function, single or twin levers
  • One handle for gear, one handle for throttle
  • Available as throttle only, or as gear and throttle
  • The throttle brake, incorporated as standard, is simply applied by turning the knob at the base of the handle to the desired setting
  • Can be used for dual station installations. Both stations move together, although care must be taken to avoid operating one station if the other is firmly dampened down. Extra fittings required for dual stations are listed below
  • Detents for forward/neutral/reverse incorporated in control
  • Plastic body and hanger plate with metal moving parts. Especially suitable for engines with heavy governor load (i.e. Gardner diesel) 

306894Single lever throttle control
306895Twin lever throttle & gear control


  • 306896 - Dual station kit (per lever)