Top Mount Control – SLT

Single Function Control
There’s nothing else like it. Patented self locking throttle technology makes SLT (Self Locking Throttle) the only control that stops throttle creep in single and multi stations without making the control stiff like traditional friction based throttle solutions. Suitable for inboards with hydraulic gearboxes, stern drives and outboards. 

Key Features

  • Patented SLT technology prevents throttle creep without creating friction, lever stays where you leave it
  • Superior twin station performance, both stations operate simultaneously
  • Polished stainless steel levers and domed housing
  • Independent shift and throttle action, one lever for shift, one lever for throttle
  • Can be user configured as either push or pull to operate throttle and/or shift
  • Adjustable/removable shift detents and throttle stops
  • Optional neutral safety switch

301210SLT control


  • 301226 - Optional neutral safety switch
  • 301222 - Optional dual station kit
  • 301232 - Replacement knob red
  • 301234 - Replacement knob black