Side Mount Controls – MV-3

Dual Function Control

The MV-3 control is specifically designed to meet the requirements of ski boat enthusiasts. The neutral locking hand lever can only be disengaged from neutral by raising the lifter under the ball knob. When the neutral lock is disengaged the action from forward through to reverse is very smooth, a reason this control is also commonly used with sport jets. Suitable for use with inboards with hydraulic shift, outboards and sport jets.

Key Features

  • Operates both shift and throttle with one handle
  • Concealed side mounting
  • Pull out gear disengagement for neutral warm up with automatic re-engagement
  • Can be left or right hand mounted
  • Optional neutral safety switch to ensure engine start can only occur when in neutral 

306774MV-3 standard control
306776MV-3 control with safety switch


  • 306778 - Optional neutral safety switch