Side Mount Control – B700SS

Dual Function Control

Side mount single lever control, particularly suited to sail boats. Suitable for use with outboards, sail drives, small inboards with mechanical shift and larger inboards with hydraulic gearboxes. 

Key Features

  • Flush cockpit side mounting for sail boats
  • Smooth control lever reduces the chance of sheets, halyards and clothing catching
  • Lever operates both shift and throttle
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically on port or starboard
  • Easy distinctive action with positive detent for shifts
  • Adjustable throttle friction
  • Push button disengagement of shift for neutral throttle warm up
  • Can only shift at low RPM thereby protecting gearbox
  • Dual station capability (requires exchangers)

301018B700SS side mount control


  • 301025 - Optional neutral safety switch