Side Mount Control – 700SO

Dual Function Control 

Side mount outboard style single lever control, suitable for use with outboards and stern drives, but can be used with inboards with hydraulic gearboxes.

Key Features

  • Lever operates both shift and throttle
  • Surface mounts horizontally or vertically on port or starboard
  • Easy distinctive action with positive detent for shifts
  • Adjustable throttle friction
  • Push button disengagement of shift for neutral throttle warm up
  • Can only shift at low RPM thereby protecting gearbox
  • Dual station capability (requires exchangers)
  • Optional neutral safety switch to ensure engine start can only occur when in neutral

301010Standard control lev O/B
301011Control lev trim


  • 301010 - Standard control lev O/B
  • 301011 - Control lev trim