BEP Battery Distribution Cluster with DVSR – Twin Outboard Three Battery Banks

This system is designed to provide automatic battery management for twin outboard installations using outboards without AUX outputs. It is a preassembled module with solid links and application labels. Provides independent isolation of port start, starboard start and house batteries with the ability to emergency parallel both starting batteries, combined with a 140 amp DVSR connected to each engine. It will control the port engine to charge the port start battery first and then the house battery when the port start battery is fully charged. It will also control the starboard engine to charge the starboard start battery first and then charge the house battery when the starboard start battery is fully charged, giving a combined charge from both engines to the house battery until the voltage regulators of both engines control the charge. It will also allow the house battery to be charged if running on one engine. 

207 x 138
5 r/h